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It is our Policy at TwoOldGuys™ e-Publishing that all course materials must reflect the author's appreciation of who the target audience is. The author must tailor the course materials to the target audience, without compromising coverage of the concepts of the field of study for the course. Our course design and materials "evolve" through time to serve the target audience better, and to accomodate changes in the target population. This is accomplished by routine assessment of course effectiveness through student feedback, followed by revisions for the next time the course is offered. In addition, we expect all course materials to be revised to reflect the current state of knowledge in the field. These Policies exist so we can assure our clients that our course materials will remain both up-to-date and relevant to the students who enroll in the courses.
    We strive to maintain course materials which are “student-friendly” for those students who wish to take courses "independent study," while covering the concepts of the underlying Science supporting the field of study covered by the course.
    The Beta-version of our fully on-line courses will be tested on a small population of students before the “first release” of the production version of the fully on-line courses will be offered to our clients.

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