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“eNutrition 101”

What is TwoOldGuys™ eNutrition 101?

If you have students who wish to take a Nutrition course as “independent study,”   …We have a solution for you.
TwoOldGuys™ eNutrition 101 provides:
    • on-line delivery of course content as written lectures from our virtual classroom
    • tests, quizzes, and “discovery” exercises delivered on-line
    • e-mail submission of student work to be graded by ‘retired’ college professor
    • prompt [usually within 24 hours], personalized feed-back to students about their quiz scores, projected grade on final exam to get highest possible grade for the course; plus progress updates compared to scheduled work.
    • ‘retired’ college professor available most business days to answer students' questions [usually within 24 hours]
“But wait, there's more… you also get:”
    • the course carries your course name and course number on your records
    • free on-line content has potential to attract students seeking transferable college credit for the course
        so we provide a hyperlink to your website for students interested in obtaining college credit

The TwoOldGuys™ eNutrition 101 course is available in two “flavors:”
      • for the Pre-Nursing & Nursing student with basic knowledge of Human Anatomy & Physiology,
      • for the Liberal Arts student with limited science background.

The ‘Pre-Nursing & Nursing flavor’ of eNutrition 101…
was designed specifically to provide the Nursing population with a foundation in Nutrition as a means of increasing Wellness. The lectures speak directly to the Nursing applications of Nutrition Science. With frequent references to the physiology of Nutrition, the course reinforces knowledge gained from Anatomy & Physiology while making the course content more relevant to the students. Textual illustrations of the concepts of Nutrition Science tend to emphasize the Nurse-patient interaction, portraying the Nurse in the roles of patient advocate and/or patient educator.

The ‘Liberal Arts flavor’ of eNutrition 101…
was designed specifically to provide the Liberal Arts student with practical advice on the design of one's personal diet to increase Wellness. With emphasis on the role of good Nutrition in extending their life expectancy and in promoting a high Quality of Life throughout their lifetime, the course serves to motivate the students to learn the concepts of Nutrition Science. References to A & P have been removed. Where physiology is critical to the understanding of Nutrition, the text refers to High School-level basic Biology. Textual illustrations of the concepts of Nutrition Science emphasize the relevance of Nutrition to the personal life of the student.

Regardless of which flavor you offer to your students, the course is designed with the Liberal Arts philosophy in mind. The testing of student progress is limited to high level cognitive skills as the student is expected to apply knowledge gained to ‘new’ situations. Interspersed throughout the lectures and the testing instruments, there are numerous opportunities for the students to develop their critical thinking skills.


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